Forms to Improve Sterile Processing Documentation

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Downloadable BI forms to simplify Sterile Processing Record Keeping

On this page you will find standardized biological forms (BI) along with routine department forms that keep things simple. 

The Bi forms are color-coded and designed to fit into a 3-ring binder to allow standard record keeping for all methods of sterilization.  Color-coding the binders also elminates mistakes in that staff associate the color to the process. 

Included are daily Flash Logs, Sterilizer Load Record and Shift Report forms.  All of which I have designed over the past years and up-date as needed.

Red - Steam Sterilization

Green - Etheline Oxide Sterilization

Purple -  STERIS System-1 Sterilization

Blue - Sterrad Sterilization    

Black - Implant Sterilization 

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